Saturday, February 25, 2017

This week Bannon promises a dystopian future
  California opens environmental defensive
  front in Trumpism's anti-California War

Steve Bannon is the Trumpist ideologue, the official who teaches us Trumpism - which is not the ideology of Donald Trump but an ideological interpretation of Trump's speeches to support Trump Administration actions.

This week at CPAC Bannon offered the term "Deconstruction of the Administrative State" which is "alt-words" for eliminating that bumbling, imperfect bureaucracy that enforces regulations protecting you and your children from such things as:
  • preventing an Ebola outbreak;
  • job discrimination based on (in alphabetical order) age, ethnicity, race, sex, sexual preference, or unrelated disability;
  • school building safety during a hurricane or earthquake;
  • residential construction standards;
  • workplace safety;
  • bacterial contamination of food in stores and restaurants.
Let's be blunt about it. Most of these regulations are in place because businesses failed to protect their customers and employees from potential harm. All these regulations cost money. None of these pictures below are of the upper 1%:


At the same time Trumpism advocates the use of law enforcement to assail, detain, or round up people who "seem" Mexican or Middle Eastern or the son of Muhammid Ali or anyone else they deem suspicious...

...which along with many, many other news stories about federal police detaining Americans should by now make people think...

Meanwhile, back in California...

As we learned this week from the LA Times:
California lawmakers want to build a regulatory wall around the state, opening a new front in their brewing war with President Trump as they try to prevent any rollbacks in federal rules from weakening environmental protections here.

The new legislation, announced Thursday by Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) and his colleagues, is an attempt to ensure federal rules on air quality, water protection, endangered species and worker safety would stay on the books in California even if they’re loosened in Washington. Federal standards in place before Trump took office would become enforceable by state officials in California.

Another measure would try to prevent Washington from selling federal land in California to private developers without first offering it to state officials. A third proposal would protect federal workers, such as engineers and lawyers, from losing state certifications and licenses if they blow the whistle on problems at their agencies.

The sweeping package of legislation could be a prelude to drawn-out legal battles between California and Washington, and they arrive as President Trump prepares to loosen federal environmental regulations.

“California will undoubtedly test the limits of what it’s possible for a state to do,” said Cara Horowitz, co-director of UCLA's Environmental Law Clinic. The state, she said, “has made very clear that it sees itself as the environmental resistance in the United States.”
The signing by Governor Jerry Brown of Executive Order S-13-08 began in 2008 our Safeguarding California biosphere protection effort. The following series of posts explore how we Californians have joined the rest of the world overcoming an antiscience trend and what it means for the future well-being of our children and grandchildren:
  1. In California we are overcoming words that blind and bind since we want our descendants to survive
  2. In California we are overcoming words that blind and bind - such as the words global and climate
  3. In California we are overcoming words that blind and bind by discussing biosphere science
  4. In California we are overcoming words that blind and bind: about lie, error, digital and information
  5. In California we are overcoming words that blind and bind: avoiding the ideology of Neoliberalism
  6. In California we are overcoming words that blind and bind: the trap of the technology promise
With this proposed package of new legislation, the Legislature is launching a preemptive strike across a broad front of environmental issues in opposition to the Neoliberals in the Administration of the President of the United States of the Rust Belt. Once passed, this legislation should permit Californians to protect the future of our children and grandchildren by
  1. cooperating with people in other Pacific Rim nations that don't look like white America to attempt to reduce the impact of Climate Change and 
  2. by planning and carrying out adaptation programs to the inevitable impacts of climate change.

Meanwhile, back in the Rust Belt...

Many in middle America simply did not, and some still do not, think that Trump intended to carry out his promise to eliminate environmental protections. The following articles indicate completed actions to carry out Destruction of the Administrative State that impact on The Rust Belt, not California. This is what Rust Belt Americans apparently want, but we simply cannot permit this level of irreversible ignorance to be imposed on California's environment in order to make a few rich people richer:

Click on image to learn that what goes into
Appalachian streams ends up in the Mississippi!
Click on image to learn that the listing of these bees threatened
the sales of most widely used insecticide class with sales
of $2.6 billion soon to be dominated by Monsanto after mergers!
This, and much more planned by the Neoliberal Trumpists for America's environment, will not "just all work out ten years from now." Especially if you are a rusty patched bumblebee or live somewhere downstream from a river receiving this waste containing arsenic, lead, manganese, iron, sodium, strontium and sulfate maybe on another further downstream river that is your school's water supply, you need to be acting now.

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