Monday, February 3, 2014

I'd Like to Teach the World America to Sing in Perfect Harmony....

Coke is not my favorite soft drink, but they have a commendable television commercial history. Take a look at their 1971 commercial which still puts a lump in my throat...

During the Super Bowl, Coke ran an ad entitiled "It's Beautiful." I liked the ad.

Ask yourself what's the one significant thematic difference between these ads (other than the song)?

After contemplating the matter a bit, the new ad brought out the pessimist in me. And apparently it sure enough evoked reactions from reactionaries that justifies my pessimism, according to news reports.

It seems that the folks at Coke, or at least some of them, believe they now have to try to inspire American's to sing in harmony.

That is a sad statement about America.

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