Sunday, December 13, 2009

California in 2010 - Democrats in trouble

The East Coast Ivy League Obama Administration isn't paying attention. The result could be trouble in California in 2010.

First-time voters and young people were the edge-voters that gave Obama an edge. In California, these young people are going to community college instead of the University of California or a California State University. They know the reason is not The Gubernator, but the liberal wing of the California Democratic Party that put the State on the road to bankruptcy during Governor Grey Davis' term.

And they know that the Obama Administration made a deliberate and considered choice to not bail out California and its state universities while bailing out a bunch of East Coast bankers who graduated from the Eastern Ivy League schools with the President and his wife. And they are now pushing community college as a solution to something.

Senator Barbara Boxer better hope these young people don't turn out in 2010 in large numbers similar to 2008. Community college is not the new home for liberal thinking, it's the new home for desperate job seekers.

And Jerry Brown - Governor Moonbeam. And now Candidate Vulnerable. From Wikipedia with footnotes:

Voters passed Proposition 13 during Brown's tenure as governor, and Brown has been criticized for not offering tax relief to homeowners and thereby paving the way for the success of the proposition. Wrote Harold Meyerson in the Washington Post, "As incomes and property values rose, Sacramento's tax revenue soared—but the parsimonious Democratic governor, Jerry Brown, neither spent those funds nor rebated them. With the state sitting on a $5 billion surplus, frustrated Californians grumped to the polls and passed Proposition 13, which rolled back and then froze property taxes—effectively destroying the funding base of local governments and school districts, which thereafter depended largely on Sacramento for their revenue. Ranked fifth among the states in per-pupil spending during the 1950s and '60s, California sank to Mississippi-like levels—the mid-40s—by the 1990s.

Surely I'm not the only older registered Democrat who remembers that Proposition 13 passed at the end of Governor Moonbeam's first term - that he, in fact, is the public official most responsible for march toward the ultimate collapse of our State Government.

In mid-2010 the State will be in a severe budget crisis for which the Democrats in the State Legislature will have no solutions. Jobs will scarce. Those most dependent on State aid will be feeling abandoned by the Democrats. The working poor will be feeling abandoned by the Democrats. Students are already feeling abandoned by the Democrats. State and local government employees will be feeling abandoned by the Democrats. Teachers will be feeling abandoned by the Democrats.

Yes, the wealthy liberals - in itself an oxymoron - in places like Marin and Silicon Valley will still be attending those fund-raisers with Barbara and Barack.

But what Barbara and Barack need to do is send CIA Director Leon Panetta back to California to take stock of his home State. It's in deep trouble and so are the Democrats. They are going to have trouble keeping a majority in the U.S. Senate, much less the 60 votes they need.

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