Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Mystery of Woodstock 2009 - West Coast

Ok, we have what appears to be a serious proposal for something called "Woodstock reBirth" that would be a 40th Anniversary version of the original. (See post immediately below.) Supposedly it is tied to producer Michael Lang, one of those involved in. and the production face of, the original Woodstock. He has a Wikipedia entry.

Indeed Lang has been talking about a New York and Berlin celebration. But we haven't heard from Lang about Willits.

On the other hand, months ago a well-known Bay Area group - Musicians and Artists for Peace - on their web site indicated they have "formed a coordinating committee to help organize and promote 40th Anniversary Woodstock events in 2009." I received information today that no changes have been made in their plans for a Woodstock 40th Anniversary event in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park on October 25th.

The problem with the person announcing the Willits event in August is that neither he, Roscoe Smith, nor his company, Monsoon Entertainment of Tempe, Arizona, have any web presence. A Roscoe Smith associated with the Navajo Nation, does show up in a Google search narrowed to that region. And a Monsoon Entertainment Magazine is referenced in two items on the web.

Until we hear from Lang, no reason exists to rearrange our August plans here in Willits.

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