Thursday, February 6, 2020

The headlines should have been about Mayor Pete Buttigieg winning (nearly?) in Iowa. They weren't.

Did you know that going into the Iowa Democratic Caucuses that almost everyone - polls, pundits, reporters, etc. - expected Pete Buttigieg to run fourth behind Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren, and more or less tied with Amy Klobuchar? Well, everyone but Buttigieg.

Did you know that it appears that Pete Buttigieg (aka Mayor Pete) likely will get the same number of delegates from Iowa as Bernie Sanders because they are more-or-less tied for first?

If you didn't know, it isn't surprising. Mayor Pete should have been the headline. But because of some snafu in the Iowa system, he wasn't. Or maybe because he is centrist and gay, the press doesn't consider him a viable candidate.

All of it just reminds me of the weirdness of the Democratic Party Presidential Candidate selection system.

And it reminds me of the resentment Californians feel every four years. The New Hampshire primary is next. Really? There are 8 counties in California larger than New Hampshire and 3 counties in California larger than Iowa. Both New Hampshire and Iowa are 90% non-Hispanic white while California is 38% non-Hispanic white. And then there is this:

Still it is interesting. Mayor Pete is the most capable of the Presidential candidates who were considered in the Iowa Caucuses. He's smart, well-spoken, well-educated, a veteran, and not at risk of senility in the next four years.

Folks in Iowa must have been aware that Mayor Pete is a Millennial. Sanders and Biden are members of the Silent Generation. Warren and Klobuchar are Baby Boomers. There are no GenX-er's in that group which is just wrong. Clearly, Mayor Pete is young. If elected he would be four years younger than Jack Kennedy was in his first year of office.

Mayor Pete is considered unelectable because he's gay. Of course, Kennedy was considered unelectable because he was Catholic.

As a member of the Slient Generation, I just might vote for Mayor Pete. We members of the Silent Generation are too old.

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