Monday, May 30, 2016

20 Fundamental Truths of Trumpism - Don't Cry for Us Argentina

 In an article about Donald Trump in this week's New Yorker writer James Surowiecki mentioned Juan Perón (pictured above left with his wife Eva).

The reference to Juan Perón does offer a more appropriate historical precedent for Trump than Mussolini, but most Americans won't relate or be able to understand since the most common frame of reference will be Evita singing "Don't Cry for Me Argentina."

I thought it relevant to help expand upon this reference. In 1950 Argentine Dictator Juan Perón offered 20 Fundamental Truths. Here they are modified to reflect the nation and times of Donald Trump:
  1. True democracy is one where the government does what THE AMERICAN PEOPLE want and defends only one interest: THE AMERICAN PEOPLE
  2. Trumpism is popular in its essence. Members of the political establishment are anti-popular and for this reason are not Trumpist.
  3. The Trumpist works for the Cause. Whoever in its name serves the establishment is one only in name.
  4. For Trumpism there exists only one class of persons: hard working Americans.
  5. In the new America work is a right that creates human dignity and is a duty, for it is right that everyone produce at least what he consumes.
  6. For a good Trumpist there can be nothing better than another Trumpist.
  7. No Trumpist should feel himself to be more than he is, or less than he should be. When a Trumpist begins to feel himself to be more than he is he begins to convert himself into an oligarch.
  8. In political action the scale of values of every Trumpist is the following: first the United States, then the Cause, and then THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.
  9. For us politics are not an end, rather only a means for the good of the United States, which is the happiness of its children and national greatness.
  10. The two arms of Trumpism are Social Justice and Economic Fairness. With them we embrace THE AMERICAN PEOPLE in Justice and Love.
  11. Trumpism wants national unity and not divisiveness. It wants winners and not victims.
  12. In the new America children are the only privileged ones.
  13. A government without a doctrine is a body without a soul. For this reason Trumpism has its own political, economic, and social doctrine, which is Fairness.
  14. Fairness is a new philosophy of life that is simple, practical, popular, profoundly Christian, and profoundly popular.
  15. As a political doctrine Fairness realizes the balance between the rights of the individual and those of the community.
  16. As economic doctrine Fairness realizes the social economy, placing capital at the service of the economy and the latter at the service of social well-being.
  17. As a social doctrine Fairness realizes social justice, which gives every person their right to a social function.
  18. We want a socially just, economically free, and politically sovereign America.
  19. We blend a centralized government, organized states, and a free people.
  20. The best we have on this earth is THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.
Again, this based upon the ideology of Argentina's popular Dictator Juan Perón, known in America as the husband of Eva Perón.

Perón introduced his "Truths" as follows:
These are the twenty fundamental truths of Justicialism. I wanted to bring them together here so that every one of you engrave it in your hearts and minds; so that they you spread them everywhere as a message of love and justice; so that you live happily in accordance with them; and also so that you die happily in their defense if it were necessary – Juan Perón October 17, 1950.
In the defense of love and justice, Perón did use repressive, sometimes violent tactics, initially against the wealthy establishment and university intellectuals but later to other opposition as explained in Wikipedia. You can also learn about the role of Eva Perón aka Evita which might lead you to wonder about the possible role of Melania Knauss Trump (pictured above right with Donald Trump) as First Lady.

Golly, Argentina survived the Perón's rule albeit through the mid-1980's there was brutal military rule that included the "disappearing" of opponents and "detention camps."

We could survive Trump as President for a few years....

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